Drinking Water Source Protection in Ontario

Scientifically Based Plans

Boy-at-fountain-smSource protection is done on a watershed basis. It is the best way to protect water as it flows across the watershed and crosses forests, farmlands, towns and cities. The Clean Water Act, 2006, developed by the Province of Ontario, provides the legal basis for the source water protection program. This Act is a result of the Walkerton Tragedy in 2000 in which municipal water was contaminated by e.coli bacteria.

The Source Protection Plan is a locally-developed, science-based plan that meets the requirements of the Clean Water Act by protecting sources of municipal drinking water from contamination.

The Assessment Report provides the scientific basis for the Source Protection Plan.

The Explanatory Document provides stakeholders, the general public, other interested parties, as well as the Source Protection Authority and the Ministry of the Environment, with the intent and rationale behind the policy decisions made in the Source Protection Plan.

Maps - This page hosts the maps from the Source Protection Plan.

Tier 3 Water Quantity Technical Reports - The reports that supported the delineation of the Tier 3 water budget and water quantity threat delineation are available here 

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